2019 Remodeling Property

Q: I own a 6-unit apartment building in San Diego County that was built in the 1980s and I would like to remodel the units next year. Am I allowed to ask my tenants to vacate under the new Tenant Protection Act of 2019? A: Yes, under the new Tenant Protection Act of...

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2019 Rent Control

Q: I own a rental property in San Diego where there is currently no rent control and my tenant's rent is $1,200.  I want to raise the rent to $1,500. Can I raise my tenant's rent by 25%? A: No, under the new Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (the “Act”) an annual rent...

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2019 Small Claims & Security Deposit

Q: My tenant recently vacated my rental property. The security deposit does not cover the full cost of the damage the tenant left at the property. What can I do to recover this money?  First, you will need to fill out a security deposit itemization for back rent,...

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2019 Late Fee Provision & Pets

Q: This is my first time renting out my residential unit. The late fee provision in my Lease allows me to charge a percentage of the rent or a flat fee. How much can I charge for the late fee? A: Your late fee should be no more than 6% of the monthly rent. For...

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