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New Laws Effective August 2019

Q: I own a property in the City of San Diego and I do not want to rent to Section 8 tenants or tenants with rental assistance. Is it legal for me to refuse to rent to tenants that receive rental assistance? A: It depends on the location of the rental unit.  Effective...

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2019 Property Managers

Q: I hired a property management company to take over managing my properties. What do I need to do to let my tenants know that I will not be managing my properties anymore? A: You are required to serve your tenants with a notice of change of ownership/management every...

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2019 Small Claims

Q: What can I do if my tenant still owes me money after I applied the security deposit to the outstanding balance for unpaid rent and necessary costs to clean and repair the rental unit? A.  First, you will need to fill out a security deposit itemization for back...

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2019 Roommates

Q:  My tenant is requesting to add a roommate to her lease. Do I have to allow my tenant to have a roommate? A: It depends on the terms of your lease. As a landlord, you may include a clause in your lease or rental agreement that authorizes or prohibits your...

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