Fillable Forms

Notices to Quit (vacate)

30 Day Notice to Quit (vacate)

(This must be a month to Month tenancy, and the tenant must be in possession for less than 1 year.)

60 Day Notice to Quit (Without Cause)

This must be a month to month tenancy of more than 1 year (All San Diego Cities) and less than two years if the property is within the city of San Diego (San Diego City).

60 Day Notice to Quit (With Cause)

The Landlord must give reason for the 60 Day Notice to Quit if the tenant has lived on the property for more than 2 years within the City of San Diego, pursuant to the San Diego Tenants Right to Know Ordinance.

Fax Cover Sheet

Please use this form when sending any correspondence to our office via facsimile transmission. This allows your paperwork to receive immediate attention as well as provide information on how our team members may quickly contact you to discuss your matter.

Rental Credit Application

This application form contains all of the necessary information requested in order to determine if your applicant’s creditworthiness is acceptable or not. It is important every proposed occupant completes and signs an application.

24 Hour Notice To Enter

Post this notice to enter the unit for inspection and repair. The Landlord or agent may NOT enter the unit if the tenant is not willing to let him/her onto the property.