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Leases – Q &A (Part 2)

Q: I am a landlord in the City of San Diego, and I have not updated my rental agreement with my tenant this year. Are there any new required addendums or disclosures that I am required to give my tenant? A: Yes, there are new required disclosures that landlords must...

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Leases – Q & A (Part 1)

Q: I am a landlord of a small apartment building.  I am reviewing the new lease that I want to use this year. I want to make sure I can recover attorney’s fees if I have to evict my tenants.  Can I require my tenants to pay my legal fees? A: Yes, you can recover...

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Repair Request

Q: My rental property has a significant amount of deferred maintenance. I do not have money to fix the property and so I make sure to include in my leases that the property is rented “as is.” I am now receiving notice from one of my tenants that the house has...

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