2019 LEASE

Question: I am a landlord and do not want to look for new tenants every year. How many years should I make my lease for? Answer: A lease can be beneficial or disastrous for a landlord. It is beneficial to keep a tenant for multiple years, so you do not lose time and...

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2019 New Laws

Q: I am a landlord and my tenant normally pays me the rent in person. A person I have never met is trying to pay the rent on behalf of my tenant.  The check has the name of the third party on it and I do not want to create a tenancy with this new party.  Do I have to...

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Section 8 Tenants

A: No, you cannot implement a rent increase without receiving approval from Section 8. If your tenant is on a month to month agreement, then you may increase the rent. However, you must give proper notice before the rent increase is effective. The proper...

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