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Emotional Support Animals

A: Yes, a landlord must work with a disabled tenant to make reasonable accommodations. If your tenant has a note from a doctor saying that he or she requires a pet for a condition that is considered a disability, then you must comply with her request....

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Illegal Late Fee & Security Deposits

A: Your late fee should be no more than 6% of the monthly rent. For example, if your tenant pays $1,250 in rent per month, then you may charge up to 6% of $1,250 as a late fee, which is $75. Your Lease also gives you the option to write in a flat fee,...

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Roomates & Unauthorized Occupants

First, you will need to review your lease or rental agreement with this tenant. As a landlord, you may include a clause in your lease or rental agreement that authorizes or prohibits your tenant from having a roommate. If you allow your tenant to have a...

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Storing Personal Property

Since the tenant gave you possession of the property, you may consider the items abandoned. You must serve a notice of right to reclaim abandoned property itemizing the personal property left by the tenant and keep the items for at least 15 days if...

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